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Frequently Asked Questions

LPS Connect is fun and easy. But everyone has questions every now and then. Here are answers
to the questions we hear most.

What is LPS Connect?

LPS Connect is a free site where you can build your own LPS Connect digital collection. You can collect pictures from LPS Connect content of real life pets, toys, designs and even videos. You can also see what other fans are collecting and leave them notes on their boards. Show off your own personal style on LPS Connect.

How do I join LPS Connect?

It's easy and free.

Just sign up and create your own Username and Password,

and then design the look of your own Character.

Don't forget to click the button to print out your username and Password,as we won't be able to look up the information for you if you forget.

Can other people see my Character? Do they know it's me?

Everyone who visits LPS Connect can see your character and the boards you have collected. Visitors see the username you selected, not your real name or information. There's no way for visitors to look up any personal information on LPS Connect.

I used to use the Collection Tracker? Is any of that information stored?

The Littlest Pet Shop Collection Tracker is no longer available. We hope you enjoy LPS Connect as a new way to create collections online.

I forgot my Password, what do I do?

If you have your Username and the answer to your Secret Question, you can retrieve your Password by clicking the 'Forgot Password?' Button.

I forgot my Username, password and my secret answer, what do I do?

Unfortunately, we can't find your account without your Username or secret answer. That's why it's a good idea to write down your Username and Password when you sign up. But if you do, don't worry- it's easy to make a new account by going to Sign Up again!

Is any of my personal information being stored?

No, we don't save any personal information, not even the email address you can use to share your LPS Connect with your friends.

What happens after I make my Character?

Once you've registered an account with LPS Connect, you can click on 'Find Stuff'

and start searching through all the content LPS Connect has to offer. Once you see something you like, you can click on it and then click "Add to a Board",

where you can either use one of the two Boards we've made for you, or you can make a new one of your own.

How do I make a Board?

You can make your own Board when you add LPS Connect content, simply by selecting 'Create a New Board' from the dropdown.

You can choose the name of your new Board from the options we've given you, and then just click 'Create Board'!

You can find this Board by clicking 'See My Boards' from the top of the LPS Connect screen.

Another way you can make a Board is to click 'See My Boards', and then click on the large pink tile that says 'Create a Board'. Now you have a place you can Add content to!

Click to see how!

Why do I have a Board already?

Everyone on LPS Connect gets a My First Board Board to help get you started. You can click on delete to remove this board (image of delete icon) or start adding to them..

How many Boards can I create?

You can have up to 10 Boards at one time. Bored with a Board? You can always delete it and create a brand new one. Click to see how!

How much stuff can I Add to a Board?

Each board can have up to 20 items. That's a lot of stuff!

How do I change my Boards?

Easy! Click on the change Board icon, then change away.

You can Drag and drop your stuff to move it around.

Change your Board name.

Hit the X to delete stuff you don't want anymore.

Click to see how!

What do the pink stars mean?

A Pink Star means it's a Littlest Pet Shop Pet or playset that is available at retail you can add to your real-life LPS collection.

How do I become a Top Fan?

Top Fans are the most active registered users. Making boards, adding images, 'luving or leave comments for other fans all count to the Top Fans. So the more you do on LPS Connect, the better chance you have to become a Top Fan.

How do I show my interest in a Board?

If you see a Board that you love, then just click the heart shaped Luv icon!

How does one of my Boards become a Top Board?

Top Boards are Boards that get the most Luvs and Notes in a week. So create a cool Board, share with your Fans and let the Luv begin!

How do I check out another Fan's Boards?

Click on Find Fan, and then you'll see some of the most loved Fans.

You can also start your search for a particular Fan either by using the the dropdown menus or by entering a search into the search field.

Will there be new content added in?

Each week there will be new images and fans boards to check out!

Is LPS Connect Free?

Yes! LPS Connect is free. There are no charges or subscriptions.

What are notes on my board?

Registered users of LPS Connect can leave notes on other users' boards. Users can pick from 15 comments including notes like "Two paws up", "What's not to luv", "I could hang out here all day." Users can not type in notes, but can choose a message and click Add Note.

What are luvs?

Registered users of LPS Connect can also luv other users' boards by clicking on the Luv this Board button.

You will see the total Luv earned across all your boards on your card.